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Oil Sunflowers

Excellent Oil Content

Oil sunflowers are generally classified based on their oleic (monounsaturated fat) content. Choose from five linoleic or three high oleic oil sunflower hybrids from Nuseed for early, mid or late maturing and either Clearfield®, SU or without herbicide tolerance.

Camaro 2 Impact Torino N4LM408 Cobalt 2 NHK12M010 N4HM411 X4219
Oil Type  Linoleic   Linoleic   Linoleic    Linoleic  High Oleic   High Oleic   High Oleic Linoleic
Herbicide Tolerance Cl  Cl  Cl  Cl  Cl  Cl  SU
Maturity Group  Mid-late  Mid-late  Mid-late  Mid-late  Early  Mid-late  Mid-late Mid-early
Vegetation Period (days)  105-115  105-115  105-115  105-115  90-100 105-115  105-115  100-105
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